Service Units

Complaint Handling Center

Complaint Handling Center has been established in DPO office Layyah.

CRO Branch


Criminal Record Office (CRO) has been upgraded and equipped with computer technology. Where record of all criminals is being computerised in the data base of criminal management system.

Crime Scene & Forensic Science


The Branch was established in this district in May 2010 to collect and to preserve the evidences from crime scene and to help the investigating was only capable of lifting finger prints and foot/ tyre molds. In May 2012, the Branch was upgraded with trained staff, latest equipment i.e Finger print kit, equipment for collection of DNA & other evidence samples along with forensic van. The branch is capable of collecting evidences from scenes of crime in the form of photography, Finger prints, DNA, Foot/Tyre molds, Chemical and biological evidences. It has access to mobile data, NADRA records and has been maintaining the record of stolen/ snatched vehicles from all over the province too.

Model Police Station City Layyah

Police Station Layyah was established in 1878. Police post City Layyah and police post Chowk Azam were the 02 police posts of this police station called police station Layyah.
In 1986, the police station Layyah was bifurcated into 02 police stations: Police Station City Layyah & Police Station Saddar Layyah. The Police station City Layyah started functioning as a full-fledged police station in its post called police post Layyah situated in Saddar Bazar Layyah.
The Police Station Saddar started functioning in the old Tehsil complex wherein is situated the Model Police Station City Layyah now. In 1993 when the building of Police Station Saddar was completed, the police station Saddar was shifted to the building situated near Bahadar Campus (Baha-Ud-Din Zakaria University). The police station City Layyah was shifted from its post situated in Saddar Bazar Layyah to the building where police station Saddar was functioning. Since 1993 police station city Layyah has been functioning there.

In the year 2000, new building of Police Station City Layyah was constructed. The same building of PS City has now been renovated in order to catch-up with the standards and requirements of Model Police Station. It has now marble flouring in its Varanda and Complex. It has wooden flouring in its “INTERROGATION ROOM”. Its lock-ups have been provided with marble flouring and modern wash rooms facilities. 11 rooms of the old Tehsil complex, in which both, City and Saddar police stations, functioned once, have been renovated. Thus historical legacy of the past have been made part of the modern Model Police Station.


A reporting room exactly according to the requirements of the Model Police Station has been functioning for the last many months. A beautiful mosque is also under construction.


  • Receipt of complaints in Gender Sensitive Reporting Room
  • Public friendly atmosphere 
  • Aims at immediate resolution of problems 
  • A concept of facilitator
  • Registration of FIR in case cognizable offence 
  • Disposal of Non-Cog issues through CPC and Masalihati Committees

Patrolling at PS Level: Security Branch

  In District Police Office, Layyah, Security Branch is established. This Branch collects all information regarding any unpleasant incident, road accidants, strikes, road blocks etc and further passes this information to the DPO.  It also prepares Security Plans for the security and safety of VVIPs/VIPs visiting this district. This branch also issues Character Certificates* for the applying candidates to visit abroad. This branch also gathers information from the other departments regarding any security risks/threat alearts and measures are being adopted thereupon. 

IT. Section

IT Section has been established in DPO Office computerisation of police record (computerisation of HRMS Data, Beat Books, Inspections of Brick Kilns), Maintenance of Bio-matric Devices and issue about computer Hardware etc.

  • HRMIS Data
  • Beat Book Management System
  • Updation of Bio Matric Devices
  • Uploading of Inspection Record of Briklins
  • Video Conferencing
  • Issues Relating Compurter Hardware

Functions & Responsibilities

  • Bio Metric Devices
  • Beat Book Management System
  • Human Resources Management Information System
  • Issues related to Computer Hardware