In police lines Layyah there is gym. The police officers who are interested to strong his body muscles can use this gym. Equipment of this gym are modren. 

Police Mess Hall (Inside view)

Mess Hall is a big hall where more than 40 police officers can entertained. Mess Hall is furnished. 

Police Mobile Canteen

A mobile police canteen supplies water and food to the police officer in the field.

Police Lines School

Police line school helps in officers grooming and character building.

Welfare of Force

In police lines Layyah there is a police lines school to build capacity building of district police. In this school training of modern way of investigation. In this institution there is also trained security men of educational institutions. They are trained how can they save their institutions in case of any dangerous situation.

  • Policy in Layyah Police “First Welfare, then Performance”
  • Shift wise duty
  • Shab-bashi to the deserving officials
  • Weekly Rest
  • Cash Rewards, Monetary Support 
  • Proper Messing/Bedding
    • Recreation Room - Indoor / Outdoor games
  • Resolution of personal problems