Women Corner

  • In the District police office Layyah there is established a Complaint Handling Center where a lady police officer (lady ASI) is appointed to deal and help women. Lady police officers are appointed at police station level to help and deal matters of women.
  • Particularly Model police station city Layyah has gender sensitive office and Lady police staff is appointed for the service of women. Lady Police Staff is highly trained to deal women issues such as physical torture, misbehave and any other type of issues in which women are harrassed. Rescue-15 is active in all the district and working round the clock. Efficient and highly qualified staff is deployed at Rescue-15. All calls are received and Police Mobile reaches at the place of occurrence within short time. 
  • Results at high level could not be achieved because women of our society do not approach the Police. Police is informed when the incident has been occurred. It is highly recommended that Police may be informed in time and during any type of harassment or feel of urgency so that proper results might be achieved and women of our society could be facilitate properly.