People Friendly Policing

The atmosphere of police stations are quite soft and people friendly look is given in the infrastructure of the police stations.

Service Delivery at Doorstep 

As the motto of the police of police stations are “Live to Serve” so the confidence building measures are undertaken to serve the people at their doorstep. In this context, complaint boxes have been installed and Mobile Compliant Collectors areas of police stations to collect complaints from the general public. 

Quick Action on Complaints 

On receipt of complaints in police stations, at 15 Help Line, through complaint box and MCC, agile action is taken as per law to redress the genuine grievance of the victims. 

Pro-active Policing 

To make the crime free atmosphere of district area, Beat System of the police stations have been revised. Special Motorcycle squads, Patrolling Squads have been deployed for day and night patrolling in the area. In addition to it, intelligence gathering system intensified and CCTV Cameras has been installed at main bazaars, bus stands and conspicuous places to keep a sharp eye over the mischief mongers. 

Complaint Redressal Mechanism

  • Reporting Room
  • ​In Model Police station city Layyah
  • Receipt of complaints in Gender Sensitive Reporting Room
  • Public Friendly atmosphere 
  • Aims at immediate resolution of problems 
  • Availability of brochures 
  • A concept of facilitator
  • Registration of FIR in case cognizable offence 
  • Non Cog – CPC and Masalihati Committees
  • Complaint Boxes
    • Installation of Complaint Box at Main Gate of MPS and other places
    • Daily collection of complaints from the box
    • Immediate action on the complaints
  • E-Complaints
    • Receipt of E-complaints
    • Immediate action on E-complaints
  • Open Katchery 
    • SHO holds open katchery on daily basis
    • The SDPO and DPO also hold open katcheries in the area of MPS once in a week
    • Legal action on complaints forthwith

Use of Modern Techniques/Gadgetry

  • Modern interrogation room
  • Automation of Police Station Record, Sharing of Information between MPS & Central Police Office, Finger Prints Lifting System, NADRA Verisys, Bio-metric System, CCTV Cameras
  • Backend services by the CRO of the district

Zero Tolerance against Corruption and High-handedness

On receipt of any complaint of corruption and highhandedness in the MPS, criminal as well as departmental action is initiated promptly against the delinquent police officials.