Frequently Asked Questions

If an insane person comes to your house and behaves in an unruly manner. Top
  • Avoid him as far as possible
  • If he is a known person or a neighbor of yours, inform his family members and make arrangements to take him safely to his house
  • Try to obtain the service of a Police officer ( by dialing 15)
  • You should always act to prevent any possible harm that may be caused by him. If his behavior is liable to cause damage especially to the property and if your reaction can cause any harm you should refrain from doing so. If you feel that this insane person is going to act in a manner that will cause you an injury or your death, you can act for your private defense against him although he is an insane person
If a suspicious character is loitering closer to your house as near an important public place. Top
  • Discuss this matter with neighbors and make further inquiries about the persons
  • Take steps to obtain the service of the Police Officer by dialing 15
  • Try to establish his identity if you see him again
  • If the suspicious person has come in a vehicle or a Motor cycle, it is important to note the registration number and the color of the vehicle or Motor cycle

Steps be taken when buying a vehicle.

  • Produce the Chassis number, Engine number, and the Registration number of the vehicle to Rescue 15 and verify those particulars
  • When you purchase a vehicle, you should produce all documents and register it in your name. If not, you may be liable for any crime committed prior to.
  • In a matter of this nature relevant advices could be obtained from Rescue 15

Steps to be taken when transferring a Gun license to any other person.

  • A back ground report of the person to whom the gun is transferred should be obtained from the police station
  • This report should be referred to Ministry of Defense for approval

Steps to be taken after a Motor vehicle accident.

  • According to the nature of the accident if there are any injured persons admit them to a hospital
  • Arrangements should be made to mark the position of the vehicles concerned and should remove them from the road to avoid traffic block
  • If parties concerned are not prepared for an amicable settlement, inform the matter to the relevant police

Steps to be taken when a person commits suicide by hanging.

  • If the person is not dead steps should be taken immediately to remove him to hospital
  • If the person is dead report to police
  • The general public should be aware that they should not enter the premises or rush to the place of incident until Police Officer arrives at the scene for investigations

Steps to be taken when a person commits suicide by hanging.

  • If there are any documents relating to diagnose the sickness of the dead person or prescriptions of medicines taken, hand them over to authorities
  • Steps should be taken to inform this to relevant police station. Every citizen is bound by law to comply with this action .People should not ignore this as if they have not seen it

If a person dies in a vehicle while running on the road.

  • First of all inform this to the driver of the vehicle
  • Thereafter arrangement should be made to produce him before a doctor as early as possibleThen if the doctor confirms the person is dead, inform this to the nearest police station and act according to the instructions given by police